General Development

Vadmin 3.0 products utilise the latest and most reliable technologies available.

Built in ASP.NET, all products have a 3-tier architecture and were developed in a 100% .NET managed environment. Vadmin 3.0 products employ a SQL database back-end, and an ASP.NET Application Server front-end.

Web Services

Vadmin 3.0 exposes multiple web services for external application integration and Single Sign On support.

Vadmin 3.0 also includes a web service for extended use and product integration.

The Vadmin 3.0 authentication web service allows external applications to use Vadmin as their creditental store. Applications can authenticate users and return their roles at system level security.

Software Development Kit

For advanced extension development, Vadmin 3.0 products have compiled help files, listing the methods and properties on each of the Vadmin 3.0 tier assemblies.