Vadmin 3.0 User Management Features

Assign User Roles
Assign user roles by approving or declining user requests.

Edit User Roles
Assign users to additional roles or sub-roles, delete user roles, and add new user roles easily.

Edit User Details
Change and update user details and make notes.

Delete Users
Delete users from your user database.

Manual Entries
Manually enter or create new users.

Centralised Storage
All data is stored centrally in a single SQL database.

Automated Emails
Generate automated email responses for approved or declined user role requests. You can define the content in automated email responses.

User Search
Search for existing users in your user database. Search by name, address, phone number, email address, and more.

Control Administrators
Add, modify and delete website administrators.  

Integration with Vadmin Modules
The Vadmin range is a modular collection common website maintenance products. The modular approach means you can “snap on” additional modules, paying only for the features you need.