Vadmin 3.0 Email Marketing - Key Benefits

Reduce costs
There are no per email fees with Vadmin 3.0 Email Marketing, unlike most other email marketing systems.

Targeted marketing
Target your email publications to specific groups to maximise the response.

Never miss a branding opportunity
Emails are sent in both HTML and text, so a branding opportunity is never missed. Vadmin 3.0 Email Marketing also uses technologies to help keep your branding consistent and content quality at a high standard.

Strengthen relationships
Build and retain stronger relation ships with existing and potential clients, members, investors, peers and colleagues.

Because Vadmin is web based, it does not need to be installed on an individual computer. This means no per email costs, and no installing software.

All that is required to access Vadmin 3.0 Email Marketing is a computer with a browser and an Internet connection!