Why you need an Email Marketing System

Does your business do print send outs or fax runs?

For many organisations the costs, time, and limitations of print and fax runs are the primary reasons they don’t perform them as often as they would like.

Imagine you have something important to tell you clients by the end of the day. A new product release, a massive business development or even this years financial results. Could you get the artwork approved and the send outs printed and sent in time?

What if the information you wanted to pass on wasn’t that important? Or you only wanted to pass it on to a small interested group?  Would the costs outweigh the value in communicating that information?

With Vadmin 3.0 Email Marketing you can create professional email communications quickly and cost effectively.

You can also take advantage of the flexibility of email marketing by attaching files such as PDF’s, PowerPoint presentations, Flash demonstrations or even linking to further materials directly from your send outs.